Regulatory Genomics
Cells in the body share their genetic code, but look and work differently. This is to do with how the cells interpret their genome, and we are still far from understanding how they do it. The global rules of gene regulation are the subject of regulatory genomics.

We use advanced machine learning and data mining in our analyses, but our main focus is on the biological question and the properties of a biological system we study.

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Babraham Institute
Located a few miles south of Cambridge, Babraham is a great place for collaboration between experimental and computational researchers, which is what we enjoy most. We are also well connected with Cambridge University. Our students enrol into the Cambridge PhD programme and join one of the colleges – a unique experience in itself.

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Hashem is starting his own group at Oxford University!

Hashem has left us to start his own group at Oxford University’s Radcliffe Department of Medicine. We are sad to see Has…

Paula’s paper is out!

Paula’s paper on the dynamics of promoter interactions and chromatin states at promoter-interacting regions as human ES…

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